How it pays for itself



We believe the performance and usability benefits of NGSource 3 relative to the competition mean that a copy of NGSource pays for itself in a very short space of time.

Intelligent quad-caching technology means that the time taken to get a build from source control with NGSource has typically been slashed from minutes to seconds, even over low bandwidth links.

Minutes of developer time add up to hours of developer time, which are not cheap! NGSource performance and usability advantages in relation to the competition soon translate to hard money, as well a reduction in the level of introduced bugs (with associated additional cost saving). NGSource 3 also reduces code loss through user error via its unique Undo feature.

Branch management is a particular case in point. Nearly  every development team has a requirement for branching - in particular where any version of software is shipped outside the department which may require subsequent fixes to be applied, or where a natural branch occurs in the project roadmap. Source branching inevitably creates a requirement for cross-branch updates.

The NGSource 3 integrated view approach to branch updates is clean, quick, largely automated and reliable. The alternative manual or file-at-a-time source control tool process is painfully slow and error-prone, and can easily swallow days of development effort and result in introduced bugs and unpredictable timescales.

Again this all rapidly translates to financial and other benefits where NGSource is used.

Why not put this to the test, backed by our 30 day money-back guarantee.



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