What is NGSource 3.9?

NGSource is a leading edge source code and version control system for software and Web development, specifically geared towards productive team working, slick and intuitive functionality, and breathtakingly fast, reliable performance.

Essentially NGSource enables a team to share a database of source (and other) files, and manages all of the changes to them. It acts as a central source repository and ensures that conflicting changes are correctly resolved, individual or collective changes can be identified and reported upon, and historic project and file versions can always easily be accessed.

A flexible view-based model allows for multiple, flexible representations of the project structure and facilitates workflow management.

NGSource also provides extensive functionality relating to file and project branching and GUI reconciliation, difference viewing and reporting, access rights, configurability and messaging. Usability and performance were the key development targets. In short NGSource allows both developers and managers to intuitively and efficiently interact with the collective source base as required in order to do their jobs effectively.

NGSource allows team members to keep in synch both when connected by LAN, WAN, dial-up or the Internet, and when off-line. Sophisticated and customizable merge functionality effectively handles multiple CheckOut issues where appropriate, development environment integration is fully supported, and countless unique features such as offline-working, multi-level Undo and intelligent code syntax parsing coupled with fantastic performance even over low bandwidth connections really distance NGSource from the competition. 

Whilst NGSource was initially designed as a better replacement for Microsoft SourceSafe, NGSource 3.9 has now moved into the enterprise sector offering true scalability and flexibility at a seriously affordable price point.

NGSource : Next Generation Source Control.

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