NGSource 3.9 Features

4-tier Client/Server technology with intelligent caching and full transactioning results in fantastic performance and intelligent operation. Most builds now take seconds rather than minutes to pull down. Works extremely well even with low bandwidth / dial-up connections. Proven support for large and high-traffic projects. The explicit client middle-tier enables seamless communication with IDEs.
Sophisticated View Model allows for true data-structure flexibility and abstraction, with unlimited task or user based perspectives, workflow support and live publishing. Views effectively abstract the otherwise complex concepts of Branching, Sharing, Pinning and Shadowing.
SQLServer based back-end for enhanced performance, robustness and scalability.
Client/server connections via TCP or HTTP, and via customizable port numbers, to enable easy connection over the Internet and through firewalls. All data sent between clients and servers is 128-bit encrypted. Client and server software will happily install and run on the same machine.
Integrates with any IDE or Bug Tracking solution with support for SourceSafe® (via SourceSafe® COM and CL Compatibility Layer) - e.g. JBuilder®, TestTrack Pro®.
Powerful filtering includes code-base support and searching for changed, scope or comment text.
2-way Shadowing feature, perfect for Web projects. NGSource will pick up changes as they are made to a folder structure, giving you full history and versioning with no hassle.
Optional 2-way client/server communication gives live updates. 
Extensive file and project labeling support, including retrospective labels and tight integration with Branching functionality.
Annotated Difference View shows you the changes, and details of who made them, when and why. This even works for local old copies.
Sophisticated GUI branching and reconciliation technology makes the maintenance of branched versions extremely straightforward. This is a major time and hassle saving feature which in practice will benefit almost every user (although many do not actively use branching at present because of usability limitations in competing products.)
Branch management GUI providing an intuitive and hierarchical view of all branches and inter-branch updates, allowing for easy comparison of files and folders across branches and full access to all relevant information, greatly reducing the human-error factor.. The resultant graph can be exported for use in department reports etc., or used interactively.
The new reconciliation GUI is now available even between directories not associated with an NGSource project.
Flexible retrospective branching / branch import.
Sophisticated Messaging features.
Works alongside Microsoft SourceSafe® in integrated environments.
Multi-select project tree, which can optionally display files.
Flexible Find-in-Files searching, including searching of comments or changed lines of code.
Intelligent source parsing will automatically generate meaningful CheckIn comments.
Customizable HTML change, difference and history reports / hierarchical views (generated from XML via XSLT). The information you need available instantly at your fingertips. Straightforward reporting against labels or views.
Multi-file heterogeneous History View provides effective and flexible History access, and great History performance.
Sophisticated merge algorithms, based on intelligent code parsing for many languages (C, C++, C#, Java, VB)
Easy to use Difference / Reconciliation view, and a sophisticated file difference viewing GUI.
Multi-level Undo, shared across the whole GUI tier.
Automatic short-term backups of replaced local files in case of error.
Powerful rights, settings and properties hierarchies, with workflow support.
Graphical shading of local file state in the NGSource Explorer View makes it easy to see the state of your local build.
Powerful Windows Explorer Shell Extensions provide for easy access to functionality from outside the main application.
Database view customization on a per-user basis.
Optional server time synchronization.
Full drag and drop support for adding, getting, moving, sharing and copying files and folders. Add Branch feature allows rapid and easy project creation.
Direct optimized FTP Upload support.
Build imaging technology means that when you get a build, it is guaranteed to be consistent even if somebody else is Checking In at the same time.
DreamWeaver® Integration.
Easy access to information relating to change sets, making it easier to keep your build up to date.
Displays an automatic list of all recent CheckIn details for selected files or folders.
Countless usability 'nice touches' - remembering open states, selections, scroll positions; modeless dialogs, displaying changes etc.
Flexible PlugIn model allows for viewing differences between binary files.
Expanding history source tokens.
EMail notification options.
Straightforward database locking. 
Full SDK available on request, many extensibility hooks.
Powerful and flexible command-line interface (Microsoft SourceSafe® compatible).
Full integration and rapid performance with popular development environments 
(e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio®  , InstallShield). 
Enhanced Microsoft Visual Studio® .Net integration with a live-update AddIn.
Customizable core dialog behaviors.
A Convert Wizard handles conversion from SourceSafe and NG2 databases, and migration from other NG3 databases.
HTML file image reference tagging - automatically Check Out or In sets of related files together.

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