SourceSafe Users

We believe that the features and benefits of NGSource will be particularly appreciated by current users of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, since the initial development and design of NGSource was very much shaped by our perception of the limitations of and issues with this product, based upon research group feedback. NGSource integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio .Net and many other popular IDEs.

Look - No Shares! Upgrade to a proper server-based source control system today, at a fraction of the cost...

In the areas of performance, reliability, scalability and usability we believe NGSource is in a different league. 1000 fold decreases in the time taken to perform key operations have been recorded, and powerful features such as the Reconciliation GUI and flexible code-based Views make light of previously difficult tasks. Additionally NGSource is fully Internet-enabled and will work well even over a dial-up connection. The 4-tier structure ensures that all the performance benefits are also shared by integrated environments.

We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

SourceSafe comes free with the edition of Microsoft Visual Studio that I've bought, so why should I buy another source control system?

Because you want one you can rely on totally. A multi-tier system with a transactioned server which doesn't rely on slow and easily-corrupted Network shared files. One which will work well over a low bandwidth or dial-up link. One with an intuitive and powerful interface to enable your team to interact effectively and productively with the source database and each other, and get access to the information and data they require. One which will work when disconnected from the server. One with flexible user, code and/or task-specific views, multi-level Undo/Redo, automatic backups and retrospective branching and labeling options for when human error prevails. One supporting powerful branch update paradigms and views. The list is almost endless - 95% of the NGSource features listed on this site are not available in SourceSafe. Coupled with the low unit cost of NGSource relative to developer salaries, we think the question is well-answered!

Can I run NGSource alongside SourceSafe whilst I evaluate it?

Uniquely yes. NGSource 3 will enable all of your integrated SourceSafe IDE projects to still connect to SourceSafe until you are ready to switch them over.

Can I import my SourceSafe database into NGSource 3?

Absolutely, using our Convert Wizard which is included in the NGSource 3 installation.

I use SourceSafe with an application that doesn't appear to support NGSource. What can I do?

NGSource 3 currently supports the Microsoft Common Source Control Interface, and is also command-line compatible with the SourceSafe command-line. If your application integrates with SourceSafe through either of these methods it will work with NGSource 3.

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