Here at NGSource, we are very pleased that Adobe have decided that the superior technology behind NGSource be used for their latest version of RoboSource Control, shipped with their leading RoboHelp application.

Here are some other messages from satisfied users:

"Wn a difference, which used to literally take hours in SourceSafe, and it took just over 10 seconds. When we ran it again, it took less then a second. I think you have a fantastic product here, and thanks again for the support." - John Staple, Sequence IT Ltd, Canada.

"Great news our IT staff demo'ed NGSource 3 to our finance manager yesterday.
This morning we got approval to purchase the NGSource 3. We looked at four other version control system including WinCVS, DocuTrack, Synergy, Perforce.
Your system had the best response time to checkin and checkout documents.
The ease of use was more straightforward and the system was also attractive because of the similarity of the tree structure to the windows folder hierarchy. For me your quick system support response via e-mail before the product was even purchased was a big factor."
- CC, Alberta Government, Canada (250 seats)

"I am a part time independent contractor and love the program - it is a great value
- you all did a very PROFESSIONAL JOB. It does just about everything the the several thousand dollar PVCS program does that I use at my full time position. ... Thanks again for a great product!
" - John N, Westminster MD.

"Thanks for setting us up here. We're actually just starting to use this product and realizing what we were missing. I'm ready to recommend it to a client who is looking for a version control system for Windows based software, specifically .NET" - Alan N, LANSpeed, USA.

"I can't believe NGSource is so cheap. It's way better than anything else we've tried, and with the best support I've had in ages. You could definitely make more money!" - Uga Phelorn, Italy.

"The speed of NGSource 3 is absolutely stunning, and it works much better for us than Clear***e used to for a fraction of the price. It's a stunning product that I recommend to everybody."
- Doug Willis, Quality Componentware Ltd., UK.

"We have a development team of 25, and were previously using Source***e as our source control system until this became impractical when some of our staff started working at home. We were initially impressed by the relatively low cost of NGSource relative to the features, and went on to appreciate the speed and reliability of the product. I wish these guys well and would recommend the product to anybody." - Bob Jackson, Technocraft Ltd., UK.

"I can't tell you enough how cool your application is. I am really enjoying the new found flexibility. I feel like the two-way shadowing functionality is pretty stable at this point and I am just now learning the other features such as codes and filters. ... Thanks again for all your help and for the wonderful app." - Peter Wakeman, D-P, Atlanta, USA.

"Excellent features for the price, and I experienced great support when I did hit a small problem. I think NGSource is a very well kept secret, and you should definitely market it more." - Andrew Hoskinson, Senior Developer, Asta Development Plc., UK.

"NGSource works very well for us, and has become an integral part of our Development procedures. In addition I personally have found the staff at all levels helpful and refreshingly flexible, a couple of features were added specifically on our request." - David Thompson, Development Director, MFor Group Inc.

Other satisfied clients including HP, Macromedia, Sony!

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